How To Join Clitheroe Dolphins

Enjoy swimming but want to do more than a lesson once a week?

Fancy competing against other swimmers in galas?

Clitheroe Dolphins are looking to recruit swimmers of all ages, but are especially focussed on boys aged 6 - 9 as we have a shortfall for our competitive teams.

How do I apply and what happens next?

All swimmers looking to join Clitheroe Dolphins must attend a trial, and this can be arranged by emailing or calling the numbers on the contact page

Swimmers must be at least 6 years old and have reached stage 6 in the national plan for teaching or equivalent (roughly able to swim 25m with competent technique in three strokes)

The outcomes of the trial are either:

1 – The swimmer is accepted and assigned a session, lane and start date.
2 – The swimmer is accepted and given a place on the waiting list.
3 – The swimmer is accepted on condition of attending Dolphins pre-club sessions to improve one or more small areas.
4 – the swimmer is not accepted and feedback will be provided along with guidance on where suitable lessons can be obtained.

How much does Clitheroe Dolphins cost?

Clitheroe Dolphins fees are currently £18 or £25 per month depending on which sessions you attend

Club members must register for ASA membership which costs £30 per year (£14 for 8 and under)

Internal Galas typically cost £2 per swimmer

Team events do not cost the swimmer, but there is a nominal charge for travel to away galas

ASA galas typically cost a small fee for entry, and an amount per event.

Clitheroe Dolphins has a small number of lines of merchandise where parents can purchase official swim kit.