Distance Gala 2013

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Sprint Gala 2012

A fantastic evening of competition saw 11 New Club records set and 323 new personal best times achieved - well done to all the swimmers!

A big thankyou as well to everyone who helped out on the evening to make the gala such a success.

The full results can be viewed here.

The club records prior to the gala can be viewed here.

Distance Gala 2012

A great 2 nights of swimming saw 52 new club records set with over 300 new personal best times achieved!

Full results are available to download here.

Swim League Team

Our swim league team finished the season with our home gala. Meeting Carnforth B and Leyland B for the 3rd consecutive gala along with Garstang, Dolphins continued their fine form and stormed to victory!

Our Junior Boys and Inter Boys each won 32 points for us with their clean sweeps of wins! We also finished strongly with a great win in the Cannon at the end - Garstang just touched us out but were then DQ'd for a faulty handover. The final results was as follows:

Clitheroe 153 pts
Leyland B 118 pts
Carnforth B 114 pts
Garstang 111 pts

The following swimmers won their races:
Inter 50m Breaststroke (M) Ben Stanley
Junior 50m Butterfly (F) Hannah Procter
Junior 50m Butterfly (M) Jack Stanley
Open 50m Backstroke (M) Peter Jones
Inter 50m Butterfly (F) Megan Davidson
Inter 50m Freestyle (M) Will Fowler
Junior 50m Breaststroke (M) Jacob Crompton
Junior 50m Backstroke (M) Joseph Kenny
Inter 50m Backstroke (F) Isabella Watt
Inter 50m Backstroke (M) Cameron Deacon
Inter 4 x 50m Medley Relay (F) (Isabella Watt, Charlie Coy, Hannah Procter, Megan Davidson)
Inter 4 x 50m Medley Relay (M) (Ben Stanley, Adam Stansfield, Will Fowler, Cameron Deacon)
Junior 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay (M) (Harvey Griffin, Jack Stanley, Jacob Crompton, Joseph Kenny)
Open 4 x 50m Medley Relay (M) (Phil Sellars, Dean Sumner, Peter Jones, Jarvis Stanton)
Inter 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay (M) (Ben Stanley, Adam Stansfield, Will Fowler, Cameron Deacon)
Junior 4 x 50m Medley Relay (M) (Harvey Griffin, Jacob Crompton, Jack Stanley, Joseph Kenny)
Mixed Freestyle Cannon (Hannah Procter, Joseph Kenny, Megan Davidson, Cameron Deacon, Abigail Metcalfe, Peter Jones)

The result from the last gala of the season means that Dolphins have been promoted!

Thanks to everyone who has helped throughout the season and to all the swimmers for performing so well. Full results for the Swim League are available on the North Lancs Website.

Micro League A Team

The final gala of the season turned out to be by far the toughest as 4 strong teams fought to the end for points. We knew that Liverpool Penguins had to beat us by more than 21 pts to claim the league title and they took an early lead, being 9 pts ahead after 12 races.  After 36 races, their lead had extended to 21 pts and Dolphins found themselves in 4th place as Burnley and Blackburn also won races to make it very tight. The cannon at the end changed hands several times showing just how tight the gala had been. Unfortunately for Dolphins, after so many galas with no disqualifications, we picked up 4 DQs in events. Burnley and Blackburn also raised their game resulting in only 7 1st places compared to 18 in the previous gala. All of this combined to mean that Liverpool beat us to the title by 2 points. The final result was:

Liverpool Pengiuns 137 pts
Clitheroe Dolphins 114 pts
Burnley Aquatics 114 pts
Blackburn 114 pts

The result does mean that Dolphins will swim off on Sept 8th for a chance of promotion and maybe revenge over Liverpool!

The following swimmers won their events:
Boys U9 Medley Relay (Harry Wood, Charles Brass, Oliver Timmins, Drew Coulston)

Individual Events
Girls U10 50m Breaststroke Alice Fox
Boys U9 25m Breaststroke Drew Coulston
Boys U10 50m Backstroke Alasdair Moir
Boys U11 50m Butterfly Jack Stanley
Boys U11 50m Freestyle Jack Stanley
Girls U11 50m Breaststroke Hannah Procter

A big thankyou to all the parents for the support over the season and to Paul for his role as team manager. It was a slightly disappointing end to what has been a fantastic season but I know all the swimmers will be back ready for a fight in September!

All the results and the final league tables and a wealth of other info is now available to view on the Micro League website:

If you check out the top 10 stat for Division B, you will see that we have a number of top 10 performers! Top of the pile with 7 1st places and only 1 2nd place giving him 2nd place overall for the boys is Jack Stanley. Well done Jack! Also featuring for the boys is Drew Coulston in 6th and Alastair Moir in 8th. For the girls, Hannah Procter finished in 3rd place and Alice Fox in 4th. For our boys relay teams, the fantastic U9s finished 2nd overall and our U12s were 6th. For the girls, the U12s were 8th and the U10s were 9th. Great to see such consistent performances!

Micro League B Team

The Micro B team travelled to Blackpool yesterday for their 4th gala. With more swimmers available than the previous gala, the team swam hard all afternoon to finish a creditable 3rd. The final result was:

Leyland B 158 pts
Colne 149 pts
Clitheroe B 87 pts
Blackpool C 84 pts

The following swimmers won their races:
Girls U10 Medley Relay (Ellie Brown, Joy Fowler, Isobel Pickford, Eleanor Heathcote)
Boys U12 50m Breaststroke Henry Gibson
Girls U10 25m Butterfly Ellie Brown

The micro league is for swimmers aged 12 and under on Sunday 25th November 2012. Results and further details can be found here:

Club Sprint Gala

A fantastic evening of racing saw personal bests galore, North Lancs qualifying times being achieved and new Club records. A full set of results can be found here:

Club Sprint Gala Results 2011

National Arena League

With a 2nd place and a first ever 1st place, Dolphins have made it into the top Final for a chance of promotion!


National Swimming Events Structure

For swimmers and parents who are new to the club, the number and type of
galas can be confusing. We have put together a brief guide to the
different level of competitions and how they fit together. If you have any
further questions then please do ask.

Clitheroe Dolphins trains swimmers for team events, such as the National
Micro League for Under 12’s and the North Lancashire Swim League for older
swimmers. In addition we support our swimmers to enter individual events by
taking our successful team structure and applying it.

The season is all about qualification times and there are several levels
that we aspire to support our swimmers to

1. National Championships – Held at the end of July and very
difficult to qualify for. Age Groups start at 11 (the sprint distance at the
nationals is 100m, there are no 50m events for under 16’s). Qualifying
Times are only valid if “official”, i.e. recorded electronically at an ASA
licensed event._
2. Regional Championships – There are six ASA regions and we are
part of the North West – Championships are held in June (usually in
Manchester), qualification times are very difficult and ages start at 10.
(the sprint distance at Regionals is 100m, there are no 50m events).
Qualifying Times are only valid if “official”, i.e. recorded electronically
at an ASA licensed event.
3. Lancashire County Championships – A Level 2 event for swimmers
with qualifying times from North Lancs, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.
It is a big achievement to get to the Counties – and Dolphins had 15 people
with qualifying times for the 2012 event. Qualifying Times are only valid if
“official”, i.e. recorded electronically at an ASA licensed event. Usually
held in March/ early April.
4. North Lancs Age Groups & Championships - this event is
held Jan/ Feb each year and is where our swimmers aim to get County
Qualification times.
5. North Lancs Level 3 (and other Level 3 events such as
Salford last July, and the Harrogate Junior Open in October) – Opportunities
for swimmers who have good unofficial times (Micro League, Club Galas, Time
Trials) to compete and try and qualify for higher level events_
6. Club Galas – Sprint Gala in November and Distance Gala in June
– to try and be the best at Clitheroe Dolphins and get unofficial
qualification times.